Best Places To Pamper Yourself Charlotte NC

I have been coming to The Porch Swing Spa for over a year now for electrolysis on my face. Jaimie is so amazing and professional. She has made such a difference to my face and has given me great advice for taking care of my skin. I am able to feel more confident in how my face looks, even without makeup. Jaimie always makes me feel comfortable and I am able to walk away hair free on each visit. You have to commit to making frequent appointments initially to get the process going, but the results are so worth it! Making appointments is really easy and the office is really flexible about fitting with your schedule. The spa is also very clean and comfortable, and makes the overall experience pleasant.


Charlene is a master electrologist. She has the latest equipment and commits herself to continuing education. I always feel that she’s on the cutting edge in her field. On top of being great at what she does — she is also a wonderful human being. For me as a client that is as important as the quality of the work. I would recommend the PSS to anyone!
– Shana S.


It can be nervewracking to talk about your unwanted hair, but I was pleasantly surprised on my first visit to Porch Swing Spa. Jaimie is understanding and professional, but she’s also easy-going and funny. Now, I actually look forward to my treatments. She has given me great advice about electrolysis (it hurts less if you don’t drink caffeine before), my skin in general (baking soda is a great exfoliant), and life (new restaurants to check out)! Electrolysis really works, and I am so much more comfortable with my skin because of Jaimie and Porch Swing Spa.
– Gretchen