Massage by Frank Miller, LMBT

Frank MillerFrank is a certified Thai, Swedish, and neuromuscular massage therapist.  His specialty is in the blending of all three practices for a complete massage.  Many clients come to Frank looking for an energetic massage that increases resting muscle length, and identifies and relieves unhealthy muscle and joint positions.

Thai Massage, also known as passive/assisted yoga, was developed to stretch and loosen the body.  It is practiced on a firm mat on the floor rather than on a table, since the practitioner uses his body weight to lean into the client using hands, forearms, and feet.  Except for the feet, his clients remain fully clothed, so draping is not necessary.  A full body massage takes a minimum of two hours.  Clients with less time may opt for a 45-minute Thai Foot Massage, a thorough stimulation of the reflex points of the feet.  Your feet offer unique access points for clearing your body’s energy pathways and for purging harmful toxins stored in the internal organs and soft tissue.  The foot massage is completed with head, neck, shoulder and arm work.

Swedish-Thai (Swe-Thai) Massage is a complete head-to-toe massage performed on a table with draping.  It combines advanced and specific soft tissue therapies to increase flexibility and deliver deep relaxation to the entire body.

Many professional athletes choose these therapies to maintain their flexibility while training and competing, and to recover from injury.

Frank has been practicing massage for sixteen years and continues to study in the United States and in Thailand.  He offers his services at The Porch Swing Spa and offers chair massage to his corporate clients on-site.

Call Frank today for more info or to schedule a free assessment appointment: 704.763.2678

Rate:  $90.00/hour

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Frank won a Charlotte Magazine BOB Best of the Best award in 2009 for his Thai massage.